About the Designer
Patty Cordova comes from a small family in Bell Gardens. She married her Best Friend Omar in 2006.  
She has always been into fashion and jewelry.  Growing up her and her cousin David of David O Designs
have always had the same dream to become artist.  As kids David told Patty that when he worked at
animation studio she would be his inker.  Now years later it may not be what they started off wanting
but they still work together as a family to fulfill their dreams. From a little girl Patty has always had her
own sense of style.

Patty left her job to be with her Husband and wanted to use her love of fashion and art to create
something in her spare time.  She started off small with little Boxes and Bows.  Now she has jewelry, bags
and many more.  Although she never really finished college she still has the dream of getting her degree
one day.  Patty worked at a design studio Digging Dog Studios, for 5 years where she learned graphic
design from her boss and co workers. She now does free lance work.  She designed her own wedding
invitations as well as a few invitations for friends & family.

Patty  is a stay at home wife, and full time artist.  Her husband Omar is the behind the scenes person.  
He supports her with all the decisions and helps with some of the design work.  Omar accompanies Patty
to the shows when he can but is a strong supporter in what she loves to do. Patty's big influence  in her
work is rockabilly music & fashion as well as vintage anything.